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How Am I Feeling Quick Check-in


With all the ups and downs of daily life, it’s easy to get swept up in our emotions and lose sight of what’s truly going on inside. But with the Quick Check-How am I Feeling work-sheet, you can gain a clear understanding of what’s bothering you – and stay providing you with the tools to be empowered and  take control of your life! Whether you need a quick boost of motivation or just want to stay on top of your emotions, this is a perfect quick tool for personal inventory.

Quick Check-How am I Feeling


Are you feeling disconnected like you’re just going through the motions?  Feeling like you’re just coasting through life on autopilot? You are not alone, this happens to the best of us.

 Sounds like our “Check Engine Light” is flashing and it’s time for a maintenance check.


It’s important  to not downplay these feelings. Empower yourself by taking a quick mental maintenance check when we are  feeling off and disconnected.

 By taking an overview of what’s going on in our minds and surroundings, we can pinpoint what’s making us feel unbalanced. It could be something as simple as lack of sleep or being over-stimulated because you have taken too much at one time.

No matter what the issue may be taking inventory will be an empowering aid to get 

us back on track feeling grounded & happy.


Quick Check 

10-15 min


Find a quiet place, where there are no distractions. Freely write whatever comes to mind for the 10-15 mins.

 Try not to over  think what you are putting on paper. While writing  Imagine you’re dumping out everything that is going on in your mind onto  your  table. This way you will be able to view and sort it out. just write what comes to mind .


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